19th Jan 2018

Interaction program on different issues of TIP


Interaction program on different issues of TIP

A one day interaction program among the stakeholders of CTIP was organized in Kathmandu on 7 February 2014 with a theme "Ensuring Compensation to the Victims of Human Trafficking". The program was participated by judges, member of National Women Commission, legal professionals, members of NCCHT, CTIP implementing partners, joint government attorneys and representatives of NGOs. This meeting provided the participants a forum to discuss the problems, challenges and confusion of TIP related issues and help build understanding and minimize the obstacles to implement TIP law.

Nepal has been one of the origin country for Human Trafficking, an organized and heinous crime in the world. According to NHRC report of 2011, around 11,500 women and girls have been trafficked or attempted to be trafficked. Nepal Government has enacted new law "Human Trafficking and Transportation (Control) Act 2007". On the one hand reporting of human trafficking cases is very low on the other hand filing such cases in the court is even less. Among those, few are decided in favor of the victims. Despite the court's verdict to provide compensation to the victim no one has yet received any such compensation. Recently Supreme Court of Nepal has ordered Nepal Government to establish compensation fund through which victims can be compensated and also directed to allocate budget from this year. But it is uncertain if this verdict has been implemented or not. In the interaction the stakeholders discussed about how Supreme Court's verdict can soon be implemented so that victims can get the compensation timely.

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