19th Jan 2018

Psycho-social Counseling

PPR Nepal provides psycho-social counseling services to the survivors of human trafficking, human rights violation especially torture and trauma and survivors of gender based violence. 

Depending on the client, 3-4 sessions of counseling service enough for a client also depending on the seriousness of the case. It helps build confidence within themselves which the survivors had lost after the incident.


Besides, PPR Nepal also conduct short term and long term psycho-social counseling training for those who want to seek a career is psycho-social counseling. The long term training usually of 6 months is conducted to develop a person as skilled psycho-social counselor. It contains theoretical knowledge on counseling as well as practical session through placements in the organizations seeking counseling services. The short term course usually of 3-7 days is provided to legal professionals, mediators, child psychologists and others who needs basic knowledge on psycho-social counseling as they have to deal with clients of different nature who are also the victims.

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