17th Jan 2018

Kidney Traffickers Convicted for the First Time


On 1 June 2013 Kathmandu District Court gave a verdict that the perpetrators Mr. Binod Dhakal and Mr. Krishna Bahadur Darji to be imprisoned for 10 years and fined 200,000 Rupees each for their involvement in organ (kidney) trafficking as per Human Trafficking and Transportation (Control) Act 2007. The court further ruled that the victims/survivor Hanumandokha 1 to be provided a sum of 200,000 rupees as compensation The victim/survivor had filed FIR on 15 May 2013 against the perpetrator in Kathmandu District Court demanding 10 years imprisonment and up to 500,000 rupees fine and compensation to the survivor according to section 15(1) (Ga) of TIP Act 2007. PPR Nepal provided medical, psychosocial counseling and legal support to the survivor and pleaded on her behalf. The decision is the first of its kind in Nepal where the perpetrators are imprisoned and fined for their involvement in kidney trafficking case.

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