17th Jan 2018

Orientation/discussion program at local level


Marking the 8th National Anti Human Trafficking Day, orientation program was organized entitled "Foreign Labor Migration and Human Trafficking" to aware the locals on the relation between foreign labor migration and human trafficking in 6 VDCs of each three districts- Makawanpur, Kavrepalanchowk and Kathmandu. A total of 787 individuals participated in the orientation of in the 3 districts. The orientation was targeted towards the youths having possibility to migrate for foreign labor, those who have returned from foreign employment and those parents/guardians who have plans to send their children to foreign employment. The participants of the orientation expressed that the program has been helpful as many of them have plans to go for foreign employment and also got the opportunity to know about the provisions of labor migration and human trafficking and the relation between these two. After the orientation the participants were of the view that such program should be organized throughout the year covering all the areas across Nepal as foreign labor migration has been on rise and one of the serious problems in Nepal for the last few years.

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