19th Jan 2018

Interaction among political party leaders, journalists and human right defenders


An interaction program among political party leaders, journalists and human rights defenders in the 3 project implementing districts namely Suntole of Kathmandu, Methinkot of Kavrepalanchowk and Bhimphedi of Makawanpur was organized in December 2014. Due to lack of knowledge among the community people about the changing forms of human trafficking implementing the laws against human trafficking has become problematic pointed out the participants of the program. Awareness campaign at the community level is a necessity to overcome human trafficking especially taking place in the form of labor migration. The political party representatives felt the need that the issue of anti human trafficking should be included in the parties' manifesto and all the committee members (from national to village level) should be made aware and information regarding rapidly increasing kidney trafficking should also be disseminated at the community level said the participants. Students should be made aware on this issue who can further aware other community members viewed the participants. The participants said that political parties and its members and the public should take responsibility to combat and control human/kidney trafficking. The participants expressed their commitment to raise the issue and support to end impunity in the cases of human trafficking.

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