22nd Feb 2018

Basic Training on Mediation



Basic Training on Mediation was organized in Libang of Rolpa district from 3 to 10 February 2015. In the training supported by Mediation Council a total of 19 individuals- professor, teachers, court officials, social workers and VDC secretaries representing five districts-Dang, Rolpa, Pyuthan, Rukum and Salyan participated.

In the 8 days (48 hours) training, topics on traditional dispute resolution methods and its advantages, various method of dispute resolution, importance and need of Mediation, international practices of mediation was discussed. Importance of communication skills during mediation was also discussed in the training. The training topics comprised of role, responsibility and quality of a mediator, basic rules of negotiation, national laws relating to mediation, different step (1-7) in Mediation. Each theoretical topic was followed by role play with the help of which the participants get the opportunity to practice the knowledge immediately under the supervision of the facilitators. The facilitators who were closely watching the role play gave feedback to the participants for further improvements. Role play is the most important part in mediation training which showcases the participants' knowledge and skills. The training also comprised of topics on basic elements of mediation, psychological aspects in mediation, process after mediation, ZOPA, BATNA, WATNA, Dirty Tricks, facilitation skills each followed by role play. The participants also practiced skills to use Appreciative Inquiry and art of questioning.


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