17th Jan 2018

District Level Coordination Meeting in Makwanpur

PPR Nepal and District Committee on Controlling Human Trafficking (DCCHT), Makwanpur jointly organized a district level coordination meeting in Hetuada of Makawanpur district on 19 March 2015. The program chaired by Acting chief district officer was participated by 27 individuals representing different organizations including local development officer, superintendent of police, district attorney, women and children officer, registrar of district court and chairperson of district bar association.

Current situation of human trafficking, new trends of human trafficking, legal complications in the cases of violence against women (VAW) and problems while filing complaints and problems faced during the formation of DCCHT (in some VDCs) were discussed in the meeting. The participants expressed that cases of human trafficking through foreign labor employment has increased drastically and underage children making passports (to go for foreign employment) with fake birth dates have also increased which added more risks. Cases of human trafficking through foreign labor employment and cases of VAW have not been able to get registered especially due to lack of sensitivity among the police such cases of VAW are not registered opined the participants. After the formation of VCCHT, implementing activities against human trafficking has been easy and coordination strengthened though some VCCHT has not been functional due to lack of cooperation by VCCHT chair shared the participants.

The participants of the meeting also acknowledged the recent action of the CIB arresting a group involved in human trafficking in African countries especially in Dance Bar and girls being trafficked in China with (fake) marriages. The new trends of human trafficking- fake marriages, illegal sale of kidney, trafficking in Dance Bar, illegal sale of skin and bone marrow should be discussed and specific measures should be adopted to control such crime viewed the participants. The meeting concluded with sharing of information that the five year (Fiscal Year 2070/71 to 2074/75) strategic plan of Makwanpur district to control human trafficking and implement activities against human trafficking was developed and also approved by the District Council.

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