17th Jan 2018

Lawyers' Training

A two days training on "Trafficking in Person’s and Victims’ Justice for Lawyers" was organized in collaboration with Lalitpur District Bar Association on 31 July and 1 August 2015. The objectives of the program was to impart knowledge and skills needed for lawyers to handle cases related to human trafficking so that strengthened victims’ justice system can be attained. The program chaired by Mr. Rajendra Ghimire, Chairperson of PPR Nepal, Honorable Judge Tek Narayan Kunwar of Lalitpur District Court, Mr. Prakash Maharjan, President of Lalitpur District Bar Association and Mr. Ram Kanta Tiwari from The Asia Foundation were the guests.

The training participants gained knowledge on different topics such as Concept of Human Trafficking, National and International Instruments on Human Trafficking; Relation between Migration and Human Trafficking; Emerging Trends in Human Trafficking in Relation to Organ/Kidney and Essential Lawyering Skills for Lawyers. Human Trafficking and Nepal’s Judicial Response, its Prospects and Challenges; Strategic Litigation on Human Trafficking Cases; Prospects and Challenges in Ensuring Justice to the Survivors/Victims of Gender-based violence and Human Trafficking; Challenges of implementing judicial decisions on victims’ justice and human trafficking; Restorative Justice Principles: Addressing Justice Concerns of Victims and Other Stakeholders were other subject matter discussed in the two days training. The training's highlight was the aspects of the victims' access to justice, issues related to victims and witness protection, safe migration and ensuring justice to survivors of GBV.

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