17th Jan 2018

National Anti Human Trafficking Day


  Marking the "9th National Anti Human Trafficking Day 2072", a rally was organized on 6 September 2015 (20 Bhadra 2072) in Kathmandu jointly coordinated and collaborated by the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare and non government organizations working in the anti trafficking sector. With more than 2000 thousand human rights activists, civil society members, government officials, students, teachers, victims of human trafficking and others marched through the streets of Kathmandu with a slogan in Nepali "Haami Sabai Mili Garou Bipatko Saamanaa, Maanab Bechbikhanko Antya Haamro Kartabya Ra Chaahanaa" (Together Let's Face the Disaster, End of Human Trafficking Our Duty and Desire).

Likewise, in all three districts, orientation program was organized entitled "Foreign Labor Migration and Human Trafficking" to aware the locals on the relation between foreign labor migration and human trafficking and how people are trafficked in the name of foreign employment. Mostly the youths having possibility of migrating for foreign labor participated in the orientation in the 3 districts. In the program the facilitators also interacted with the participants on the safety measures to be opted while going for foreign employment. Queries and curiosity of the participants were also addressed by the facilitators (advocates). The participants of the orientation expressed that the program has been helpful as they got the opportunity to know about the provisions of labor migration and human trafficking. The orientation was organized in Jorpati VDC of Kathmandu, Hatiya VDC of Makwanpur and Katunje VDC of Kavrepalanchowk district.

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