17th Jan 2018

Orientation Program on the Occasion of 16 Days Activism Against Gender Based Violence

An orientation/discussion program was organized in Nagarjun Municipality (Ramkot 6) of Kathmandu on 4 December 2015 on the occasion of 16 days activism against gender based violence. A total of 29 individuals, mostly women participated in the program. The program was organized with an objective to orient the local people on violence against women, its type (physical, mental/psycho-social, sexual, social); gender based violence and its type (physical, mental/psycho-social, sexual, financial, violence based on traditional belief). In the program the participants also discussed about the consequences, risks and psycho-social problems that arise after the April 25, 2015 earthquake. The participants of the orientation were also explained about human trafficking and its current situation in the Nepali context.

Duration to register complaint of GBV/domestic violence cases, where to complain and provisions related to GVB and domestic violence stipulated in the Constitution was also discussed in the orientation program. Meaning of psycho-social counseling, its importance and need of psycho-social counseling to bring the affected people (post earthquake and victims of violence) to normalcy was also discussed in the orientation. The program helped to sensitize the participants on legal provisions on GBV and domestic violence and appropriate steps to be taken in redressing the violation of their rights.

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