19th Jan 2018

Interaction/Orientation among Court Officials on Victims Witness Protection

On October 21, 2016 an orientation/interaction program was organized in Kathmandu for the court officials of Kathmandu District Court. Survivors/witnesses of human/kidney trafficking who come into contact with the criminal justice system are particularly vulnerable and require special measures and in the course of dealing with the court officials/staffs it is realized that sKathmandu District Court honorable Mr. Hemanta Rawal and honorable judge Mr. Brajesh Pyakurel, National Judicial Academy presented papers on how to make victims friendly court. The first presentation by honorable Pyakurel discussed about the different aspects such as establishing victims friendly court environment, maintaining safety and security of the victims, addressing their needs and psychosocial well being, establishing victims friendly room within the court premises, provisions of closed hearing, confidentiality. Likewise, the presentation by honorable Rawal discussed about practical situation of the victims/witnesses and stressed that they should be provided safety and security not within the premises of the court room but such an environment should be created so that they always feel secure. The participants of the orientation acknowledged that it has helped them to learn about the needs of the victims/witnesses and how to assist and act/behave.

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