22nd Feb 2018

Discussion/Interaction Program among Journalists on Kidney Trafficking

One day discussion/interaction among journalists on Kidney Trafficking was organized in 3 CTIP implementing district- Makwanpur, Kavrepalanchowk and Kathmandu. More than 150 journalists representing different publication houses, TV, FM radios and online news participated in the interaction. In the program new emerging trends of human trafficking such as organ trafficking and trafficking for skin was discussed. The participants were made aware of the fact that the cases of kidney trafficking was given less attention due to weak evidences, neglecting behavior of the law enforcing institutions, threat among the survivors of their involvement in the trafficking cases. During the initial stage of the project, traffickers easily escaped the punishment in the lack of awareness among the law enforcing officials/institutions on organ/kidney trafficking but with the reporting of such cases by the media positive impact was attained and also grabbed public attention. The participants discussed that with the joint effort of the journalists and NGOs, different forms of human trafficking such as organ trafficking, trafficking through education consultancies, marriage bureau, foreign employment, social networking etc. can be controlled.

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